Genre: Motorized beat'em up
Support: PC
Release Date: June 2018

Aichi Emperors Zero is a couch-coop split-screen beat'em up inspired by japanese biker culture. Two players embody old biker gang members, battling to death to repel the young hooligans who invaded their city. Once committed to this last stand, only comradeship can help them triumph.



Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Support: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: Q1/Q2 2018

Developed by Dontnod Entertainement (Remember Me, Life is Strange), and published by Focus Home Interactive, Vampyr is an action-role playing in which players embody Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly turned vampire. IAs a doctor, you must find a cure to save the city's flu-ravaged citizens, but as a Vampyr, you are cursed to feed on those you vowed to heal.



Genre: Downward Shooter
Support: Mobile (Android)
Release Date: March 2017 (Early Access)

"Apeyron" is a frenetic and abstract downward shooter made for Android. Tap on the screen to shoot down enemies, but be careful, the recoil will make you deviate from your course. Use your limited ammunitions wisely to eliminate your opponents and avoid obstacles. With some practice, you will quickly reach the top of the leaderboard!



Genre: Couch Game
Support: Controller
Release Date: January 2017

"Blind Blades" is a top-down couch game in which two to four players control ninjas and compete in a deadly fight. Nobody sees the avatars but only the waves they create by moving, attacking or throwing a decoy. You will be forced to use all of your cunning to defeat your opponents and become the best ninja! The first player to reach 10 kills win the game.



Genre: Toy
Support: PC (mouse+keyboard)
Release Date: January 2017

Open the Unbound Atlas and enter an infinite universe that wraps around itself forever. Through experimentation, you might discover how to interact with this world and manipulate it, in order to - maybe - create your own unique pieces of light and sound. Unbound Atlas is a relaxing toy, anti-stress, gif-machine and screen saver made for anyone to enjoy and express their own creativity.



Genre: Musical runner
Developer: Digixart Entertainment
Support: mobile
Release Date: January 2016

Developed by the french studio Digixart, Lost in Harmony is a musical odyssey in which you control Kaito, a teenager whose best friend Aya is dealing with a serious illness. You'll share a skateboard ride with her in different levels (dreams). Avoid back and front obstacles and tap stars to the rhythm of the music to complete the level. A new story, "M.I.R.A.I.'s Escape", is now available!



Genre: Arcade game
Support: PC (keyboard)
Release Date: ????

Rushin' Delivery is an intense and fast paced arcade game in which you control the direction of a car that needs to deliver its packages as fast as possible! Overtake other cars, run red lights, or take one way streets in the opposite direction to save some time. But be careful, don't crash your car!



Genre: Sport Game
Support: PC (controller)
Release Date: March 2016

Capacocha is a local multiplayer couch game made in two weeks, with the collaboration of Gameloft. Capacocha is a forgotten pre-columbian ballgame where 2 teams are pitched against one another in heated matches. Taking place in a circular arena where the goal cages are orbiting around the field, you win by throwing balls, friends and foes alike in the opposing goal to score the most points!



Genre: Tower Defense
Support: PC (keyboard+mouse)
Release Date: January 2016

Produced during 3 months, Remains of the Path is a Tower Defense in which you have to protect your small base that will get attacked during the day. When the night falls, get back your units and move your base closer to the enemy motherbase. Your goal is to keep your base alive and reach the enemy motherbase!



Genre: Rhythm Game
Support: PC (keyboard)
Release Date: May 2015

Produced during a game jam at Supinfogame, SheheraZ is a rhythm game in which you play as a deadly and ugly zombie that will have to sneak behind as many belly dancers as possible. Turn those beautiful women into ugly creatures!



Genre: Puzzle Game
Support: PC (mouse) and Mobile Phone
Release Date: January 2015

Produced for a french contest called Hits Playtime, "Color Way" is a colorful puzzle game in which you'll have to mix squares of colors to connect the two sides of a grid. Simple but challenging, this game will make you search for a solution. Still in development, you can download a demo version (.apk) or play it on itch.io. A full version will be released on the GooglePlay Store soon!



Genre: Adventure Game
Support: Card Game
Release Date: April 2015

Golden Quest is a semi-cooperative card game I made during my second year at Supinfogame. In this game, 4 players play as Adventurers that will have to beat powerful demons, fight horrific creatures, avoid traps and spells used by the other player, the Castle Master. Adventurers will have to communicate if they want to defeat the Master, because he will do everything to defend his treasure! Note that this game is not on the market!



Genre: Shoot'em Up
Support: Mobile phones
Release Date: March 2015

Valhalla Kumba is a 2D shoot'em up made in two weeks with the collaboration of Gameloft. In this free-to-play, you play as a techno viking that needs to destroy the bad guys before they enter the nightclub. Thanks to our "streetpass" feature, you can get some help from random players around you and then try to protect the nightclub with your teammate in an asynchronous cooperative mode.



Genre: Versus
Support: PC (controller)
Release Date:

"One on One" was produced during the 31st Ludum Dare – and my first one – with the theme: "Entire game on one screen". In this game, the menu and the game screen are one. That means you can interact with the different settings while playing. The entire game in on the screen – literally. Also, we wanted to expand the theme even further than just a “game on one screen”. One On One is a two player game but you only have one controller… and one weapon!



Genre: Cooperative game
Support: PC (keyboard)
Release Date:

"Hand is Hand" is a game produced during the 24h Love Jam. We wanted to work on a project where love is not only on screen, it's also physical! HAND in HAND is a two player cooperative game where you have to hold each other's hand to play. How will you find your partner in this huge crowd? You can share your love around you...



Genre: Strategy Game
Support: Board game
Release Date:

"Coriolis" is a boardgame produced during my first year at Supinfogame. This is a game in which you play as a pirate attracted by a legendary loot hidden in the Coriolis Archipelago. You will need to plunder merchant ships, dig, find maps, or fight against other pirates, to claim to be the strongest pirate and collect as much gold as possible. You can learn more about this project. Note that this game is not on the market.