Apeyron is a singleplayer downward arcade shooter made for Android in which you endlessly make your way through waves of enemies and obstacles. Shoot to destroy your opponents and use the recoil to avoid deadly obstacles. Be efficient and make your bullets count to reach a new highscore and be at the top of the leaderbard!

Apeyron's development started as a school project and a beta version was released two weeks later. You can download an early version of the game for free on the Google Play Store. We are still working on this game so you can expect new features, improvements and balance fixes.


I mainly worked as a gameplay programmer on this project. Apeyron was made on Unity5 (C#, Visual Studio). I worked on the main features (controls, semi-procedural level generation, swap skin feature, save system) but also on the menus, UI and some feedbacks using DOTween animation engine for Unity.

Also, a big part of this project was to work with Amplitude, a web and mobile analytics plateform. Thus, I helped defining and implementing a system that collect data we then used and analysed to improve the game during our iterative process.



Game Designers: Sylvain Schmück, Stéphane De Bank, Clarisse Blondy

Game Programmers: Nicolas Pankowiak, Yue Du

Game Artists: Paul Freland, Mathieu Girard