Lost in Harmony is a musical runner available on IOS and Android, in which you control Kaito, a young teenager whose friend Aya is dealing with a serious illness. You'll have to progress through different levels (dreams in which Kaito rides a skateboard with Aya) by avoiding different types of obstacles and tap stars to the rhythm of the music.

You can also play or create levels made by the community thanks to the in-game level editor. If that's not enough for you – and I know you will never have enough of this game – you can wait for the new story that will come out very soon!


During 6 weeks, I worked as a game and level designer intern on the new japanese extension that will be released soon. At the same time, the game was changing its economic system and became a free-to-play, introducing new game mechanics, a new progression system and new resources. This big update was also an opportunity to improve the gameplay, with new elements and better feedbacks.

And thus, during this internship I designed all new levels (normal and hard), organized playtests with the help of other team members, and worked closely with the creative director, game programmers and game artist to suggest new ideas and gameplay improvements.